The Value of a Partnership with Israel

This small but dynamic country, which is recognized as a global leader in technological innovation, is also in an ideal position to serve as a bridge for world trade. Sophisticated networking with the rest of the world is made possible by advanced telecommunications, a strong economy and Western business standards. As the world’s only Jewish nation, the modern State of Israel was built on centuries of a shared Jewish traditions which places a high value on education, teamwork and creative solutions to problems. 

Many Israelis are immigrants from other parts of the world who maintain cultural and family connections in their countries of origin. The Israeli people have a global outlook and an inquisitive mind, and they are fascinated by the Japanese culture and economy. 

Many common values exist between the Israeli and Japanese peoples, and recent Japanese interest in Israeli technology has contributed to new business ties between the two countries. The potential for future cooperation is great, and ADDVALUE is ready to help bring these opportunities into reality. 

Israeli Achievements in Medicine and Life Sciences 

 Israeli R&D: Innovation as a Way of Life 

* Israel has the highest number per capita of scientists and engineers in the world.
* The Israeli government has licensed 23 high-tech “incubators”, which nurture 70 to 80 new startups every year.
* Israel ranks fourth in the world for the number per capita of registered patents for new molecules (nanotechnology), and first in the world for the number per capita of patents for new medical devices.
* There are also 16 Technology Transfer Organizations that specialize in guiding successful R&D from the lab to the world market. More than half of these successes relate to medicine and biotechnology.

Israeli Life Science Industry: Growing Fast

* Exports related to life-science innovations in Israel rose from 2.4 billion US$ in 2004 to $6.5 billion US$ in 2008 (300%).
* Israeli life-science companies in 2008 numbered over 1000, and one-third of these are proving to be successful over time. 
* Of the 700 life-science companies operating in Israel today, more than half were started in the last ten years. Around 380 are still in development stages, waiting for the right investors or partners. 

Israeli Healthcare: High Quality, Cost-Efficient

* The country spends 8 percent of its GDP on healthcare, resulting in one of the best healthcare packages in the world for every Israeli citizen. 

* With all healthcare facilities using Information Technology (IT) for patient records and drug prescriptions, there are now 70 companies developing IT to improve tele-medicine applications, diagnostics, cost-of-care management, and other healthcare support.
* Israeli innovators have produced new out-patient procedures and home-care monitoring devices that are cutting the costs of healthcare, while improving its quality and personalized focus.

 Israeli Pharmaceuticals: Global Pioneers

* Drug delivery is the focus of more than 70 Israeli companies which are investing in R&D for targeted cancer therapy and other urgent medical challenges.
* Diagnostic kits for detecting diseases, birth defects, environmental bacteria, and illegal substances are being manufactured by more than 120 Israeli firms, and their inventions are now in use worldwide.

 Israeli Biotechnology: Unique Contributions

* This sector is growing at a rate of 17 percent a year, producing life-changing solutions for cancer treatment, multiple sclerosis, diabetes, Parkinson’s disease, and Alzheimer’s disease.
* Stem cell researchers in Israel, working in 20 different companies, recently discovered that placentas can replace human embryos as a more ethical source for stem cell harvesting.
* Bio-markers were successfully used by Israeli pioneers for earlier and better diagnostics, and for cell-based therapies.

 Israeli Medical Devices: A Long Line of “Firsts

* Israel gave the world the first cryosurgical procedure for cancer removal, the first video capsule for viewing the digestive system from inside, and other new “telescopic” devices for minimally invasive surgery.
* The therapeutic implants and disposable devices developed by Israel are the country’s best-selling medical devices, due to their ease of use, cost-effectiveness and reliability. 
* Israeli inventors created a whole range of simpler, faster diagnostics: a blood test to detect malignant tumors in the body, a breath test to diagnose liver diseases, an antibody test to detect HIV, and a computer program that identifies infections and diseases in only 5 minutes.

These are just some of the Israeli innovations that offer golden opportunities for investment, joint ventures and partnerships. The business development expertise of ADDVALUE can open doors in these fields for Japanese companies. 

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